Former Corby woman releases life coaching book

Corby ex-pat Lisa Phillips has written a book about life coaching
Corby ex-pat Lisa Phillips has written a book about life coaching

A Corby ex-pat living in Australia is about to release a book on life coaching.

Life coach Lisa Phillips, of Sydney, has written The Confidence Coach for people who need help believing in themselves.

Born and bred in Corby, Miss Phillips went to Lodge Park Comprehensive School and worked for RS Components, both in Corby and in Sydney when she moved there 15 years ago.

Her family still live in the town.

Miss Phillips is now one of Australia’s most well-known confidence and empowerment experts, regularly appearing in the media.

In 2014 she received the bronze Stevie Award for Women in Business.

She said: “The book has been getting a lot of attention in Australia, which is good, and I am hoping it will do the same in the UK market – especially in my home town.

“Our childhoods are full of mild mannered every-guys like Clark Kent, who strap on capes and wear their undies on the outside, transforming themselves into world-conquering superheroes, never doubting their own abilities.

“This construct of confidence as something we wear like a costume, like many of the ideas we are exposed to as children, becomes part of our thinking DNA.

“As adults we are often tempted to ‘suit up’ to convince the world (or ourselves) of our value.

“But as I know, from personal experience, self-confidence, which is key to success in so many areas of life, is not something we don like colourful lycra. It comes from our core beliefs.”

The book has already been released in Australia and New Zealand and it is due to be released in the UK next month.

You can find out more about it here.