Former Corby MP Louise Mensch ‘cried’ when Tories won back seat

Louise Mensch speaking at the recent Althorp Literary Festival
Louise Mensch speaking at the recent Althorp Literary Festival
  • Best-selling author says new book will be her last
  • Living in New York is ‘fantastic’ but she will ‘probably’ return to UK
  • She is good friends with Arnold Schwarzenegger but still wants to meet Madonna

Former Corby MP Louise Mensch has revealed she cried when the Tories won back the seat in May’s General Election.

The best-selling author also said her new book will be her last.

Louise Mensch speaking at the recent Althorp Literary Festival

Louise Mensch speaking at the recent Althorp Literary Festival

Mensch, 44, left the UK to settle in New York with her three young children and second husband.

Her new novel, Career Game, will be her last as she wants to focus on other ventures.

“This is going to be my last book and it is bittersweet,” said Louise, who established a best-selling career as an author under her former name, Louise Bagshawe.

“Writing books has given me everything I hoped for as a schoolgirl in the 1980s flicking through books like Riders by Jilly Cooper to find those bits everyone was talking about.

I was thrilled to the marrow of my bones when we won, especially by such a majority.

Louise Mensch

“I genuinely loved those books.”

Louise, who read English at Christ Church, Oxford, initially worked in the classics department of EMI and began writing her first book, Career Girls, when she saw the writing was on the wall for her job.

“I knew I was going to be sacked so decided to do something about it and started writing,” she recalled.

“I wrote a sample chapter and synopsis and sent them off to 13 agents; four of whom said no and the other nine said yes.

Louise Mensch speaking at the recent Althorp Literary Festival

Louise Mensch speaking at the recent Althorp Literary Festival

“It didn’t occur to me at all they’d want to then see the entire manuscript.

“So I had to wing it. That’s always been my motto: wing it.”

Louise went back to EMI at about 8pm every night to write chapters when everyone else had left for the day.

“I managed to get another six chapters written before they sacked me and by the time Sharon Osbourne offered me a job at Sony Records, on the same day I had a call from my agent saying my book had sold, as well as the next one.

“I literally fell off my chair in the office when I then heard for how much... £70,000 for the two. ”

Career Game, she says, is an extension of what happens when time moves on.

“It’s about what next, that’s the point of Career Game.

“That love and sex go on when you are no longer a spring chicken.”

She remains unfazed by those who criticise her writing.

“When people say it’s junk writing, I say ‘have a go then’.

“It’s lucrative and hard work, but people look down on these books.

“But you cannot write them ironically,” she said.

“When I was at university, I was reading early English and Norse, but all I wanted to read was Lace by Shirley Conran.

“That gave me the desire to have the New York lifestyle and now I’m living it.”

Writing her first book, which was autobiographical, was, she says, therapeutic.

“I was getting over a man I really loved and was obsessed with – who is happily now my husband after all those years – and it really helped.”

Writing sex scenes is something Louise, who was educated at a Roman Catholic boarding school, says hasn’t been difficult.

“You want to write good sex scenes, not horrible. flowery things.

“I think it’s all about implication rather than writing the nitty gritty.

“Leave it to the reader’s imagination – that’s the secret of writing good sex scenes.

Louise admits she is “hugely ambitious” and wants to achieve even more in the future: “I am still not where I want to be.

“My mentors growing up were Arnie, Madonna and Margaret Thatcher.

“I am quite good friends with Arnie now and if my husband ever skies into a tree, I’m going to marry him,” she joked.

“I met Thatcher but the only one I haven’t met yet is Madonna.

“I’m a child of the 1980s and it will always be 1987 as far as I’m concerned.”

She loves life in New York, where she files a column for the Sun on Sunday.

“Life in New York is a bit noisy, but fantastic. It’s beautiful and incredible.

“I probably will return to the UK some time in the future because I am a countryside girl through and through and loved living in east Northamptonshire and grew up in Sussex.

“Home is where your family is and my children are in New York and my husband, who is the man I love, is there so that’s my home.

“I read The Sun every day and because I write my column about what’s going on in UK politics, I sometimes feel like I haven’t walked out of SW1.”

A prolific Tweeter with nearly 100,000 followers on Twitter, Louise spoke about her experience of cyber-bullying.

“I can’t call it bullying.

“But there was an internet troll who sent death threats not just to me but my children, and had my email and my phone number,” she recalled.

“At that stage I met with the police.”

She says there is a difference between bullying and people expressing their opinion on Twitter.

“I was genuinely bullied as a child with the head down the loo, and being called an ugly girl all the time.

“You have to realise with social media you cannot censor the world, just block them.

“When you engage with them, it gives them authenticity.

“I had to have a thick skin as a backbench MP.”

She says she cried when Corby became “blue” again in the recent General Election and remains a Tory through and through.

“I was thrilled to the marrow of my bones when we won, especially by such a majority,” she said.