Forgotten victims of addiction are given helping hand

A counselling service is offering its services to the families and partners of people with drug or alcohol problems.

Family Support Link has a base in the Mind centre in Argyll Street, Corby, and also runs sessions at Huxloe House in Kettering once a week.

A spokesman for the registered charity said: “We provide support for families and carers of people with drink and drug problems.

“We do not treat addiction but make sure the families of addicts are not forgotten.

“We are a non-judgmental, listening service and can also offer help and suggest practical steps to take with issues such as accommodation.

“For example, to help people feel as though they can cope and move on with their lives.

“The ideal scenario for us is to help someone so they feel strong enough not to need us.

“We have strong links with other agencies and take referrals from schools as well as running awareness sessions.

“The base in Corby is manned by a Corby person because there are some problems that are Corby-specific.”

The service is run from Wellingborough from where arrangements are made for one-to-one meetings, telephone help and out-of-hours meetings at a mutually safe place when necessary.

The service is completely confidential.

For more details call 01933 227078.