Forecasters say weather cold and dry

Shoppers enjoy the sun on April 20
Shoppers enjoy the sun on April 20

April was a cold and dry month, according to the monthly round-up from Pitsford Weather Station.

Although the temperatures were below average for April, it wasn’t as cold as April last year and was a lot drier, with only 34.6mm of rain, or 63.1 per cent of the expected rainfall. By contrast, last April saw 128mm of rain.

There were 137.6 hours of sunshine and the sunniest day was April 20, which had 11.3 hours of sunshine. There were five days without sunshine.

During the first week of the month, there were some good spells of sunshine by day, but clear skies overnight resulted in a fairly widespread air frosts. The second week of April was slightly less cold, though it was cloudier with outbreaks of rain.

A disturbed south to southwesterly airstream prevailed between the 13th and 17th bringing much higher temperatures, and there were very little rain, although it was quite windy. Maximum gusts reach 46mph at Pitsford on the 17th, and reached or exceeded 33mph everyday from 13th until the 18th.

Temperatures rose between the 23rd and 25th with highs reaching 20.3C on the 25th. The wind swung into the northwest on the 26th, and the remainder of the month was rather cold. It was quite windy on the 28th and 29th, and there were sharp showers of rain, including some hail on the 27th. The last two days of the month were dry and sunny, but with temperatures still in the low teens.

The forecast for today (Wednesday, May 9) is cloudy with light rain this morning, turning wetter. Forecasters predict a bright start tomorrow before rain and strong winds arrive, with the risk of gales. The strong winds will remain on Friday and Saturday with outbreaks of showers, some of them heavy.