Football hooligan violence caught on police cameras

A violent face-off between two gangs of rival football fans has been captured on police surveillance cameras.

Footage shot by police officers shows the gangs of Kettering Town fans clashing with members of Telford United's notoriously violent TYO gang.

During the violence, Telford fans are seen running up Brittania Road in Kettering to Goodys pub, where a gang of Poppies fans had congregated.

Police had to beat some of the fans back with batons as the violence erupted outside the pub on April 5 last year as the Poppies were promoted to the Blue Square Premier league.

Officers are heard shouting 'get back' and had to use police dogs to try to separate the two gangs, who had already thrown punches and kicks at each other.

At one point on the tape the officer filming the fans can be heard saying "I'm on my own" although the camera shows several officers in front of him trying to restrain the mob.

The publication of the footage follows the conviction of the Poppies ringleader Danny Walsh, 30, of Hutchison Avenue, Broughton, and friend Jamie Laird, 41, of Rydalside, Kettering, on Monday.

A jury unanimously found the pair both guilty of affray at the end of a trial at Northampton Crown Court.

During one part of the fight Walsh was seen punching a Telford fan and

Laird was seen dragging someone along the ground by his hood.

Walsh said he was acting in self- defence and was not going to let the away fans take a Kettering Town pub, and Laird argued he was trying to help a friend, known as Marmite, who had been trapped on the ground near to the Telford fans.

As a result of the fighting Goodys Pub and The Shire Horse pub in Newland Street, Kettering, were badly vandalised.

The footage seen by jurors also showed a number of the TYO gang putting their hoods over their faces when walking past the police cameras to avoid being identified as they headed along Rockingham Road to Brittania Road. They then started running to escape their police escort.

Walsh spat in the dock as both verdicts were read out and was then removed from court after getting in an argument with Judge Charles Wide for being caught talking to his wife.

Judge Wide said: "Walsh seems to be one of these dangerous people who takes part in organised violence.

"He is facing a substantial period in custody."

Laird was released on police bail until the sentencing hearing on condition he does not attend any football matches.

Both will be sentenced at Northampton Crown Court on Monday, July 13.

Craig McCallum, 38, of Almond Road, Kettering, had previously pleaded guilty to a public order offence and will be sentenced along with the pair.