Foot-long rat found in Wellingborough home

This rat was killed by a dog in Midland Road, Wellingborough
This rat was killed by a dog in Midland Road, Wellingborough

This giant rat has been found dead in the kitchen of a home of a Wellingborough woman.

The huge rodent, measuring more than a foot from its nose to the base of its tail, was killed by a dog.

The Midland Road resident who found it wants to alert other people that large rats could be in the area.

Caroline Elliott said she thought a rat was getting into her house when she noticed some damage to her plasterwork.

And days later she was in the living room of her ground floor flat when she heard a squeaking noise coming from her kitchen.

She said: “I thought it was my dog Bandit playing with a toy, but realised after a few moments that he must have caught something.

“I ran into the kitchen and Bandit had the rat in his mouth.

“I shouted at him to let it go and he dropped it on the floor. The rat crawled behind my oven and must have died soon after, I think its neck was broken.”

Caroline said Bandit, who is a 10-year-old border terrier, has never killed a rat before.

She added: “I was worried it may have been poisoned which was why I told him to drop it.

“I just want people to be aware that the rats could be getting bigger.”

Despite the enormous find in Wellingborough, councils said they have not had any specific reports about giant rats in our part of the county.

Kettering Council said it was not aware of any larger then normal rats and added that its environmental health team had actually seen a decrease in the number of complaints in the past 12 months with 95, compared to 103.

Both East Northamptonshire and Wellingborough Councils added that they had also not had reports about giant rats.

Corby Council said it had seen a decrease in the number of complaints about rats in the last year.

Councils offer a pest control service which is not free, but which does have a discounted rate for pensioners and those on benefits.