Food waste bin idea branded a waste of money

Bin collection men in Wellingborough
Bin collection men in Wellingborough

Proposals to introduce weekly food waste collections and an extra bin have been criticised by councillors.

Wellingborough Council has been offered the chance to bid for cash from a £250m Government fund to introduce the collections.

Wellingborough’s full council will ultimately decide whether to bid for the cash on July 31 after its community committee poured cold water on the idea on Monday.

Committee chairman Peter Morrall said: “I’m not convinced this is a good use of Government money. I’m not sure it’s a good use of our resources.”

If weekly food waste collections are introduced, homes would have a new bin the size of a waste paper basket to put out each week.

Mixed “black bin” rubbish would still be collected once a fortnight. Homes would probably also get a small indoor caddy to collect waste before it was emptied into the kerbside bin.

Council officers say weekly food collection would benefit residents as black wheelie bins would be less full and material which attracts flies and vermin would be around for less time.

But councillors felt there was little appetite from residents for a further level of complexity to refuse collections.

Cllr Bob Patel said: “It will be another nuisance on the street scene.”

The council is considering applying for £1.3m to buy bin lorries capable of collecting food waste, £154,000 for the new bins and £54,000 a year for three years to pay for the crew.

But after the funding stops the council would be committed to paying £54,000 a year for two more years.

Officers said residents would reduce waste after realising how much they threw away.

But councillors felt the local authority would be committed to funding a service which residents did not want and no longer needed. They called for education on not wasting food.