Fond farewell for GP retiring after more than 27 years working in Corby

Dr Wadsworth with colleagues and her present
Dr Wadsworth with colleagues and her present

A doctor has held her last appointment after more than 27 years working as a GP in Corby.

Dr Susan Wadsworth has spent 33 years working for the NHS, of which 27-and-a-half years have been spent seeing patients at Corby’s Lakeside Surgery.

It’s been a blast, I’ve had a great time

Dr Susan Wadsworth

The doctor said she had always wanted to go into medicine and after training at Oxford, she worked in Kettering before moving to Corby.

She described herself as the ‘experimental female GP’ when she was taken on at Willowbrook Surgery more than 27 years ago, but neither she or her colleagues have looked back since.

Dr Wadsworth was joined by her husband, one of her three children, colleagues past and present and a number of medical students for a lunch and presentation to mark her retirement on Thursday (January 7).

She said: “I will miss all of it, but in particular the patients.”

But added: “I think it’s really important to leave when you are at the top of your game and I think I am.”

Senior partner Dr Peter Wilczynski agreed that she was at the top of her game during her leaving presentation and thanked her for her hard work and support over the past 27 years.

He praised her for raising a family as well as being a full-time GP, a job which he described as ‘busy, stressful and requires a huge amount of commitment.”

He said: “We will miss you.

“We wish you a really happy and successful retirement from being a GP, but doing other things.”

Clearly moved by his words, Dr Wadsworth then gave a short speech to those who had gathered and said: “I haven’t loved every single moment, but the good times have far outweighed the bad times.

“A few highlights are when people say thank you, like when a 20-year-old comes in and says thanks for diagnosing my meningitis 15 years ago, that’s the real highlight of the job.

“Another is this place (Corby Urgent Care Centre), it has been a joy to work with Linda (Ward) on drawing it in a book and seeing it built and seeing it work.”

She thanked her husband and her children as well as staff and colleagues from Lakeside Surgery and Lakeside Plus.

She also thanked the patients, saying it is really special to share people’s lives, before adding: “It’s been a blast, I’ve had a great time.”

Dr Wadsworth’s colleagues gave her a new bike and shoes to wear while riding it to mark her retirement.

Keeping active is important to Dr Wadsworth and while she likes to run and swim, she will now have the chance to cycle as well.

But despite retiring as a GP, Dr Wadsworth has said she will continue to do some sessions in Corby’s Urgent Care Centre.