Fly-tipping grot spots on the rise in north Northamptonshire

Fly-tipping in Kestral Lane, Wellingborough, taken in November 2011
Fly-tipping in Kestral Lane, Wellingborough, taken in November 2011

Fly-tipping incidents in north Northamptonshire have increased from 3,182 to 3,433 over the past year, despite an overall decrease across England, new figures show.

Statistics for 2010-11 released by Defra (Department of Energy, Food and Rural Affairs) show that Corby, Wellingborough and East Northamptonshire areas have seen increases of 150, 143 and 32 incidents respectively, while only Kettering has seen a decrease of 74 incidents.

The increases is in contrast to the nationwide trend that saw a decrease of 127,335 fly-tipping incidents throughout England, down from 946,906 in 2009/2010 to 819,571 in 2010/2011.

Andy Worth, GMB Regional Secretary, said: “Not only is fly-tipping illegal but it is damaging to the environment and according to the Environment Agency it costs £100-150m per annum to clean up.

“Local authorities also need to target fly-tip to improve their policing of the problem – out of 820,000 incidents last year there were only 2,500 prosecutions throughout England and Wales.”

Mr Worth also called for Eric Pickles, Secretary of State, to lead a campaign to clamp down on fly-tipping and to provide councils with more money to invest in better waste facilities.

The number of fly-tipping incidents in each north Northamptonshire area is as follows:

Corby – 1,111

Kettering – 985

Wellingborough – 910

East Northamptonshire – 427

Throughout the East Midlands 57,195 incidents were reported, down by 462 from the previous year. Leicester Council had the highest number of fly-tipping incidents in the East Midlands with 10,257 incidents reported, an increase of 3,494.