Fly-tippers strike to litter road again

DIRTY mattresses, broken shower doors and a tired gazebo are just the latest of hundreds of fly-tipped waste at the side of the county’s country lanes.

The rubbish found in Pipewell Road between Desborough and Pipewell on Friday was the 851st fly-tipping incident in the Kettering borough this financial year.

Kenneth Jack, 81, of Pipewell, who is part of the Rural Action Group, said: “It’s absolutely disgraceful.

“There should be more prosecutions to be honest. If money was taken from these guys they would notice.”

It is the sixth time fly-tipping has been reported on the road this financial year, but Kettering Council said it was not a hotspot because the rubbish was found in different places along its two-and-a-half-mile length.

Mr Jack, of Oakley Road, who tirelessly campaigned against litter as a borough councillor in the 1990s and 2000s, has spotted other rubbish dumped nearby.

He said a large dirty bag of rubbish was left in Oakley Road and a sleeping bag had been lying next to the Pipewell sign for months.

Mr Jack said: “I think rats live in it now. It’s absolutely horrendous.”

He said he often saw vans parked up at country lanes nearby, but much of the fly-tipping took place under the cover of darkness.

Shirley Plenderleith, the head of environmental health for Kettering Council, said: “There are plenty of ways to responsibly dispose of waste and we will always try to investigate fly-tipping and will prosecute where possible.

“It’s irresponsible and unsightly and we think the residents of Kettering deserve better.”