Flood waters close busy Corby road for a week

Gainsborough Road flooded near to the junction with Blake Road and Lowry Road in Corby
Gainsborough Road flooded near to the junction with Blake Road and Lowry Road in Corby

Furious residents have called for action to stop flooding on a busy Corby road which was under water for almost a week over Christmas.

Gainsborough Road was flooded from Christmas Eve until Monday morning when water finally drained away, leaving the area strewn with litter including a old pushchair.

The road was closed from its junction with Blake Road to the mini-roundabout at School Place.

The same stretch of road was flooded several times during 2013 and families living in the area say they are fed up with the inconvenience and damage caused.

Elizabeth Monro, 55, had water lapping up to her front garden and said the flooding caused her to miss four shifts at work at the Castle bingo centre in Corby.

She said: “I would have needed waders to get out of my garden. The only way I could have got out would have been to have climbed over my neighbours’ garden walls which were too high.

“At my age I wasn’t prepared to attempt that.

“We’re all fed up and angry that this happens every time there is substantial rainfall.

“No-one seems to be doing anything about it, or taking responsibility for sorting the problem once and for all. I missed two shifts at work on Christmas Eve and two on Friday. It has cost me money. The water went down a bit on Christmas Day and I managed to get out of the garden but then it went up again.

“It’s not fair. There are families with young children who had to lift their youngsters over garden walls to get out on Christmas Day.”

Neighbours Dawn Stephens and Shelley Kimber also called for action to end the flooding.

Shelley said: “It’s disgusting. The water was lying there for almost a week.

“In the end motorists were ignoring the road closure signs and just driving up on the pavement, churning up the grass.”

Dawn said: “After the water drained away we were left with a terrible mess. There was litter and debris all over the path and the road. It’s disgraceful and it’s about time the problem was sorted.”

On previous occasions both Anglian Water and the Environment Agency have said they don’t have responsibility for a nearby brook which overflows during heavy rain.