Flexible hours help family life

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CHRISTINA Allan from Wellingborough says she backs flexible working for parents, following the Queen’s endorsement of family-friendly working in her speech to Parliament.

Miss Allan, 36, became a rep for Avon when she moved to Northamptonshire from London in June 2010. She had previously worked doing the accounts at an archaeological planners in London. Since starting with Avon, Miss Allan has worked her way up to a point where she now has more than 100 reps working for her as her team.

The Queen’s speech on Wednesday addressed the issue of flexible working, acknowledging that parents need more flexible leave and a strong commitment to family-friendly working hours.

Miss Allan said she thought it was time policy-makers took into account the need of parents like her to work hours that fit around their children’s lives.

She said the flexibility of her job made it possible for her to earn a living and look after her children, 15-year-old Ellie and three-year-old twins Mitchell and Riley. She said: “This way I can take the boys to nursery, take Ellie to school, do a few hours of work and go and pick them up.”

Miss Allan said she worked to earn a living but also because she enjoyed it.

She added: “The way I keep looking at it is by the time the boys go to school I am ready to carry on working, rather than going back after five years thinking ‘I’ve been out of this, what do I do’. I just love being busy really, it just makes you feel like an actual person rather than just a mum.”