Fishing allowed again at Corby Boating Lake

Corby Boating Lake
Corby Boating Lake

Fishing has been reinstated at Corby Boating Lake.

Following an outbreak of koi herpes virus (KHV) fishing was banned at the lake in late August .

But it has now been agreed with the Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (Cefas) to lift the fishing ban.

Corby Council continues to work with the agency to manage the health and wellbeing of the fish, but those who want to fish at the lake will now have to:

Buy a day ticket for fishing from the log cabin before fishing the lake (fishing licences will have to be shown)

Ensure all nets, mats, slings and sacks will have to be dipped into the disinfectant station which has been installed outside of the log cabin before leaving the lake – disinfecting on arrival is encouraged too to help prevent spreading the disease

Adhere to the set of rules for fishing printed on the back of your fishing ticket.

These restrictions will be active for a few years to protect the health and wellbeing of the fish and Corby Council will continue to work with Cefas for guidance and advice surrounding fishing at the lake.

The council has thanked visitors to Corby Boating Lake for their patience and understanding on this issue.