First shroud burial held at Wellingborough cemetery

The first ever shroud burial has taken place at Wellingborough's Doddington Road cemetery.

Monday, 23rd July 2018, 12:25 pm
Updated Monday, 23rd July 2018, 12:29 pm
The Doddington Road cemetery in Wellingborough
The Doddington Road cemetery in Wellingborough

The burial took place on Friday, July 6, after Wellingborough council changed its cemetery rules at the start of the year.

A shroud burial is typical within the Islamic faith where families bury their dead as soon as possible wrapped in a shroud and without a coffin.

Labour Cllr Tony Aslam, who represents the Victoria ward, put forward the request for shroud burials to be allowed at the Doddington Road cemetery.

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The councillor said: “Muslims from Wellingborough who previously had wanted a shroud burial had to travel as far as Towcester to do so as there was no policy at Wellingborough cemetery.

“So I put a request into the council and it was approved in January.

“This will mean a lot to the Muslim community in Wellingborough as it means that people can be buried within the community they have lived.

“The first burial that took place was for Abdul Bari of Vivian Road.”

The shroud burials take place within 24 hours of the person’s death.

The grounds manager and the cemetery supervisor visited Leicester cemetery before the new policy came into place to view a burial so they could understand the health and safety requirements.

Meetings were also held with members of the town’s Muslim community and cemetery staff talked with Oldham and Bury councils which have a large number of shroud burials each year.

The cost of a shroud burial includes a £544.30 fee to have the burial within 24 hours plus a £384.70 fee for the construction and installation of a timber pack which is used to transport the shrouded deceased to the graveside and placed in the grave.

An area specially for shroud burials has also been set aside in the cemetery.