First of two new community hubs for Wellingborough opens on the Queensway estate

The official opening of the new community hub at Glamis Hall in Wellingborough
The official opening of the new community hub at Glamis Hall in Wellingborough

The first of two new community hubs in Wellingborough has opened its doors.

The hub at Glamis Hall on the Queensway estate in Wellingborough was officially opened today (Thursday).

It will bring officers right into the heart of the community

Sgt Paul Valentine

It will house a range of agencies under one roof, including the police and community groups, so different services are available to the community in one place.

By being based at Glamis Hall, it means the hub shares a building which also has meeting rooms, a café, large hall for arts and crafts and a youth club.

Project manager for the new initiative Sergeant Paul Valentine said: “This new facility gives the people of Queensway greater access to the police and partner services in a building which is also home to a number of other facilities and agencies, such as youth clubs, housing providers, credit union and borough and county councillors.

“It will bring officers right into the heart of the community.”

The community hub is a result of work under the Safer, Stronger Neighbourhood Partnership for Queensway and Hemmingwell - a group which aims to boost feelings of community pride and bring people together.

A key focus of the partnership will be helping young people to develop and achieve their full potential.

It also hopes to make the area a safe place where people are proud to live.

The partnership will focus on empowering communities, helping residents aspire for a better future, training and enterprise and making areas cleaner, greener and safer.

The group is led by Pratima Dattani from Support Northamptonshire, which helps vulnerable people across the county.

She said: “I’m really pleased to see police and other partners in Glamis Hall, the heartbeat of the community – it will make a difference for people living in the Hemmingwell and Queensway areas.”

Gary Saunders from Glamis Hall said: “We are very happy to see the start of a partnership which will develop over the next couple of months.

“We look forward to working with all of the other partners in the neighbourhood partnership.”

Groups which are part of the partnership include:

- Support Northamptonshire

- Northamptonshire Police

- NCC Early help

- Places for People

- Wellingborough Homes

- Service Six

- Glamis Hall

- Hemmingwell Community Centre

- West African Caribbean Centre

- Wellingborough Schools


- Wellingborough Council

- Institute for Crime and Justice

- Northamptonshire Police and Crime Commissioner

- Queensway Medical Centre

A timetable is being drawn up which will be distributed to people on the Queensway to let them know the dates and times at which groups and organisations will be at the community hub for people to call in and see.

A second community hub is due to open on the Hemmingwell estate in the new year.