First ever awards to recognise achievements of Kettering General Hospital’s junior doctors

Kettering General Hospital has held its first ever trainee and trainer professional excellence awards
Kettering General Hospital has held its first ever trainee and trainer professional excellence awards

Talented and dedicated doctors at Kettering General Hospital have had their contributions to the profession celebrated with a new kind of award.

Kettering General Hospital held its first ever Trainee and Trainer Professional Excellence Awards at the Kettering Park Hotel yesterday (Thursday).

The awards are a new concept developed by the hospital to reward the efforts made by high achieving junior doctors and also by their educational and clinical supervisors.

The individuals who have won awards have demonstrated outstanding commitment to their jobs by going above and beyond for patients and colleagues, being supportive of junior doctors, and portraying high standards of professionalism and dedication.

The educational and clinical supervisor awards are for the consultants who oversee the training of junior doctors.

They were nominated by the junior doctors for being great mentors, leading by example, and being keen to further junior doctor training and education.

Kettering General Hospital’s director of medical education, Dr Syed Fayyaz Hussain, said: “We decided to introduce our own system of professional awards to mark the often exceptional contributions that our junior doctors make to the hospital and to highlight the achievements of our dedicated educational and clinical supervisors.

“We asked our doctors to nominate colleagues who demonstrated outstanding commitment to patient care and professionalism, and received over 350 nominations in total for doctors ranging from new graduates to senior consultants.

“Health Education England – the body that oversees the training of doctors in England – has two kinds of senior clinicians who oversee the training of junior doctors.

“The educational supervisor has a responsibility for a trainee for the duration of their training programme - wherever they are working – and also clinical supervisors who have the day-to-day supervisory responsibilities for junior doctors in their workplace.

“Last night we awarded excellence to one of our educational supervisors and three of our clinical supervisors for their outstanding commitment to the junior doctors they have supported.

“We are one of the first hospitals in the East Midlands to launch an awards programme of this kind to our junior doctors and their trainers.

“It was attended by representatives from Health Education England - East Midlands (HEEEM) who have been very interested in this new idea as a way of rewarding junior doctors and consultants who put so much effort into ensuring they have first class training.”

Kettering General Hospital’s medical director, Dr Andrew Chilton, said: “The incredible contribution from doctors in training to the delivery of effective compassionate high quality care is amazing.

“This was a great opportunity to recognise and celebrate this contribution.”

Here are all the winners with a comment for each from one of the hospital’s doctors:

- Best Foundation Year 1 doctor: Dr Sarah Moreman

“Extremely diligent and hard-working. Always keen and willing to learn but able to challenge decisions to facilitate her learning. An excellent trainee.”

- Best Found Year 2 doctor: Dr Hanan Al Abdullah

“Very hard working and focussed colleague. Helps team members where possible.”

- Best core trainee: Dr Apexa Patel

“Good team player, has engaged with juniors on the ward and has an excellent rapport with seniors and allied healthcare professionals.”

- Best specialty trainee: Dr Boavojuvie Oseya

“Very kind and caring registrar. Always a pleasure to work with. Gets on with everyone. One of the most pleasant registrars I have worked with.”

- Best trust grade senior house officer: Dr Jacob Koris

“A reliable team player, conscientious, and hardworking doctor. He is well liked by colleagues, nursing staff and patients.”

- Best trust grade registrar: Mr Sabyasachi Ghosh

“Kind, caring, patient and sympathetic. An all-round amazing doctor, with a wicked sense of humour.”

- Best specialty associate specialist/associate specialist: Dr Vijay Deore

“Very well liked and highly regarded by all seniors, peers, and juniors. They are a patient and knowledgeable trainer, very approachable, knowledgeable and always willing to help out.”

- Best educational supervisor: Mr Hamidreza Khairandish

“Very organised, with excellent leadership qualities, often leading by example. He is very motivated and epitomises discipline and dedication to his specialty.”

- Best clinical supervisors: Dr Kai Hogrefe, Mr Mark Taylor, Dr Naeem Shaukat

“Really helpful. Always approachable and keen to help with e-portfolio and furthering juniors training and education. Answers any queries promptly.”

“This doctor is an excellent supervisor who will happily sit down with you to discuss the placement, any concerns you may have and what I was expected to do/my expectations. They are very approachable and happy to answer questions/teach.”

“I nominate him for his endless support and motivation, he helped me prepare for the interviews, motivated and trained me throughout the whole process.”

- Most improved team (nominated by the director of medical education): Accident and Emergency/Emergency medicine team

“The emergency medicine team have shown their commitment to training by commencing dedicated teaching programmes for all grades of trainee, and improving the supervision and feedback available for trainees in emergency medicine.”