Firms fined for not getting rid of waste properly

Trade waste dumped at the roadside in Chelveston
Trade waste dumped at the roadside in Chelveston
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Fines have been given to two firms who paid unregistered traders to get rid of their waste which was later found dumped by the roadside.

East Northamptonshire Council’s waste management team has handed out fines to two businesses who paid unregistered traders to dispose of waste which was later discovered on the side of a road at Chelveston and off the A43 near Blatherwycke.

In each instance, the firms allowed their waste to be taken on the understanding that for the value of the scrap metal, the rest of the waste would be properly disposed of.

Instead of that, the unlicensed waste carriers kept the metal and dumped the rest of the rubbish on the roadside.

Council officers were subsequently able to trace the source of the waste and after further investigation, issued fixed penalty notices of £300 to each company.

The law on the transfer of rubbish by businesses states all businesses have a duty of care to use a registered waste carrier for disposal and there must be a written record of the authorised waste carrier’s details and a written description of the waste.

While officers believed that this time the businesses concerned were not responsible for the actual fly-tipping itself, the companies now understand that had it been proven that they had dumped it themselves then they could have faced a fine of up to £20,000 and/or up to six months in prison.

The council operates a zero tolerance policy in respect of environmental crime and actively tackles all types of envirocrime including litter, fly-tipping, dog fouling and graffiti.

Due to lack of evidence or witnesses to the fly-tipping, officers cannot always pursue those responsible.

However, should more information become available, officers will not hesitate to follow up the crime using the full rigour of the law.

Glenn Harwood MBE, chairman of the waste and recycling working party, said: “Our simple message is not to leave yourself open to prosecution by making sure you check the trader you plan to use has a valid licence to dispose waste.

”We also encourage anyone out and about in the district to let us know if they see someone fly-tipping as we need witnesses to this sort of environmental crime, so we are able to pursue and take enforcement action against the culprits. Call 01832 742026 with any information you may have.”

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