Firm fixes roof damaged by conmen who swindled Corby couple

Peter Jelley with brothers Clarke and Alan Lowe from Hemisphere Roofing
Peter Jelley with brothers Clarke and Alan Lowe from Hemisphere Roofing
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A Corby firm has been praised for repairing a roof which was damaged when rogue traders targeted an elderly couple in the town.

Hemisphere Roofing agreed to step in after two conmen told the couple, who are both in their 80s, that they had a problem with the tiles which needed to be fixed.

The conmen demanded £1,000 in cash from the couple and said the total cost would be about £2,500.

After taking the initial £1,000 the pair removed a number of tiles from the roof of the Rannoch Way property before saying they were going to fetch more materials from a Kettering merchant. They never returned.

The couple’s family appealed to Hemisphere Roofing, based in Sarrington Road, to repair the damage caused by the conmen – something the family-run firm agreed to do.

Alan Lowe, from Hemisphere, said: “I feel sorry for them – it’s heart-breaking.”

He said people should call tradesmen themselves, not rely on someone who knocks on their door. They should also check the company is genuine.

Mr Lowe, who spent Monday at the property to fix the roof alongside brother Clarke, added: “I think people should be more aware – they shouldn’t have people knocking on their doors. If someone does come, make sure they’ve got a landline telephone number.”

Peter Jelley, a relative of the conned couple, thanked Hemisphere for deciding not to make a profit from the work.

He added: “It’s fantastic that people like this are prepared to help out.”

On the con, he said: “It’s the sort of thing you read about but don’t think is going to happen on your own doorstep and certainly not to your own family. These lowlifes who have done it were shooting fish in a barrel.

“When you’re in your 80s you can be be bamboozled into things quite easily. The only word for the conmen is despicable. I’d like them to see what they’ve done and see the upset they’ve caused.”

The conmen were white with London accents. One was in his 40s, about 6ft and slim. The other was in his 30s, about 5ft 6in and of heavy build.

Witnesses can call 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.