Firework display lights up Corby on Bonfire Night

Thousands of people turned up tonight, Monday, for the annual Bonfire night celebration in Corby.

A huge crowd shrugged of the cold weather to look to the skies as a big firework display lit up the night at Corby Boating Lake.

Father-of-three Graham Long said that the event was a good night out.

The 30-year-old, of Bede Close, Corby, said:” The fireworks have been good so far, it’s actually the first time I’ve come here since I was kid myself.

“But the main thing is if the kids are having fun and they seem to be so far. My youngest seems to be amazed by them, so it’s good.”

The night of festivities began at 6:30pm when a torchlight procession set off from Corby East Midlands International Pool car park and led there way to the lake.

The bonfire was then lit by Corby Mayor Mohammed Rahman, with the big display of fireworks following shortly after.

The event was free to the public but buckets for donations to charity were spread around the area.

Before the display began, Mayor Rahman had said: “ Bonfire Night at the Corby Boating Lake is always a great way for the whole community to come together and enjoy the most spectacular display for miles around.”