Firefighters called to three rubbish fires

A bin destroyed by fire in Wellingborough
A bin destroyed by fire in Wellingborough

Firefighters were called to two rubbish fires last night and another this afternoon.

Arsonists set fire rubbish in Helmsley Way, Corby, at about 12.15pm today and to a recycling skip in Cambridge Street, Wellingborough, at 8.45pm yesterday.

Firefighters were also called to a small rubbish fire in John Clark Way, Rushden, at about 7.35pm yesterday.

Firefighters from Corby put out today’s fire, which they believe was started deliberately, with a hose.

A crew from Wellingborough Fire Station used a low pressure jet to put out the skip fire, which the fire service said was aslo started deliberately, and damage was limited to the bin.

A crew from Rushden Fire Station used a hose to put out the small quantity of burning rubbish. The cause of the fire was unknown.