FIGHTING FAKE NEWS: How the Northants Telegraph speaks up for you

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Earlier this week, the Northants Telegraph joined forces with local and regional titles across the UK to launch a campaign to fight fake news.

In a world where misinformation and unsubstantiated facts and stories can be published to huge audiences via social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, with no regulation, this newspaper, like all local papers, has a long and proud history of bringing you well researched and accurate journalism.

But local papers are about more than just that.

They are about campaigning on issues that matter to our readers, and supporting local communities in all the good work that they do.

In recent weeks at the Northants Telegraph, we have thrown our weight behind Kettering General Hospital’s dementia garden appeal and were delighted to see it break through the £10,000 barrier already.

There’s still a long way to go to reach the target but we’re confident that between us we can make this much-needed resource a reality.

We have also highlighted the plight of a Wellingborough woman who, despite making the town her home for the past 15 years, is facing deportation over a visa application.

We know from our social media platforms which stories and subjects matter to you, and try to bring you more of the sorts of things you like reading about.

The massive Rushden Lakes shops and leisure scheme has had our backing right from its inception, and we helped to press the case for it during a lengthy planning inquiry – we are just as excited by its imminent opening as you all are!

We know, too, that the over-development of our county is something that worries a lot of you, and we have consistently tried to argue that the right infrastructre – schools, hospitals, roads – must be part of any expansion plans for our towns.

Crime is another topic everyone has an interest in, and we reflected the feelings of many of our readers when we reported on Kettering MP Philip Hollobone’s thoughts that the man responsible for a brutal sex attack in the town should not have been allowed into the country in the first place, given his existing criminal record.

Thousands of people in the north of the county depend on or work at Kettering General Hospital, and it gave us no pleasure to report on its being placed in special measures recently.

People are very protective of KGH and are always full of praise for the staff, and like us they just want to see it better funded and run and able to provide the best possible care it can.

It’s important that we celebrate the good things our readers do too, and they don’t get much bigger and better than last month’s annual Crazy Hats Walk.

Once again, hundreds of you turned out and we had members of staff walking too – as members of the public.

Other special reports and investigations we have undertaken recently include a look at the issue of equal pay among employees of county organisations, Corby’s record on adult smoking rates and the ongoing parking problems at KGH.

So if there’s an issue you want us to look into, or know of something which you think more people need to be aware of, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

You can email us at or leave a message at the end of this article or on our Facebook page.