Fifth of Northamptonshire pupils denied their first choice secondary school

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Almost one in five pupils were not given their first choice place for a secondary school.

MOre than 7,000 school places have been allocated to Northamptonshire students due to start secondary school in September.

Ninety-eight per cent of students were allocated one of the three schools they expressed a preference for but 17.6 per cent of pupils were not given their first choice.

Letters have been posted by Northamptonshire County Council to every parent or guardian detailing which school they have been offered.

Families who applied using the council’s online system have been able to check their offer on the council’s website.

Cllr Catherine Boardman, cabinet member for children, families and education, said: “We work hard to ensure pupils are allocated to one of their preferred schools wherever possible.

“Early figures show that 98 per cent of pupils have been allocated one of their three preferences.

“This is consistent with previous years’ figures, even though we’ve seen a seven per cent increase in applications.

“If families are unhappy with the place that they have been allocated they are entitled to appeal through an independent appeals process.”


The total number of allocations was 7,251, a seven per cent increase on last year’s figure of 6,736:

Students allocated one of their three expressed preferences: 98 per cent

Students allocated their first preference: 82.4 per cent

Students allocated second or third preference: 15.7 per cent

Students who did not get any of their stated preferences so given alternative school: 1.8 per cent. This represents 133 students.