Fewer casualties on Northamptonshire roads

Police will continue to tackle the A6 Red Route.
Police will continue to tackle the A6 Red Route.

The county’s roads have become safer, according to statistics released this week by the Department of Transport.

There were 29 deaths on the county’s roads between the beginning of April 2012 and the end of March 2013, and 1,470 injuries.

Chief Inspector Dave Lawson.

Chief Inspector Dave Lawson.

This is compared to the same period between 2011 and 2012, when there were 28 deaths and 1,646 casualties.

Chief Insp Dave Lawson, of the specialist operations unit at Northamptonshire Police, said deaths on the county’s roads are ‘tragic’ but the force would continue to take a number of measures to help to reduce accidents on the road.

He said: “Tragically, 29 people lost their lives between April 1, 2012, and March 31 this year, and our thoughts, as always, are with those who have lost loved ones.

“We remain resolutely committed to making Northamptonshire’s roads as safe as possible and are involved in various initiatives across the county to make as much of a difference as possible.”

Northants Police officially records fatal collisions on the county’s roads from January to December each calendar year.

According to figures released by the county’s force in 2012 there were 36 fatal collisions, and so far this there have been 14.

Chief Insp Lawson said the figures indicate the work the force is doing is working, but has urged drivers to stay safe.

He said: “So far, the work we are doing appears to be working, with the number of fatalities so far this year markedly lower than the same time last year and we hope this trend continues.

“However, we are not being complacent and so I would urge every motorist to take some simple steps to ensure they and their passengers are as safe as possible while using Northamptonshire’s roads.

“Always use your seatbelt, switch off your mobile phone, make sure you drive appropriately to the weather conditions and always drive within the speed limit.

“Also, never drink and drive and make sure you are not too tired while behind the wheel.”

He added that a number of measures have been taken to make the county’s roads safer, including targeting drivers on the road with no insurance .

He said “We are also cracking down on those motorists who insist on getting behind the wheel without valid insurance, tax or an MOT, using automatic number plate recognition technology.

“Often those motorists who are driving illegal vehicles also drive without regard for the rules of the road and we believe tackling them will help to make our roads safer.

“Our mobile safety camera vans are also out and about, ensuring speed limits are adhered to and we also run educational courses .”

He added the Community Speed Watch scheme has been successful and urged anybody interested in setting up the scheme in their village to contact their safer community team, or the parish clerk.

Stopping fatal collisions

Northants Police will continue to work hard with the county council to reduce the number of fatal accidents on the A6, according to a top officer.

Chief Insp Lawson, of Northants Police, said: “While potential engineering work on the A6 is being looked into by Northamptonshire County Council, we have stepped up patrols in a bid to ensure motorists are driving appropriately to the conditions they find on a road which is now a designated red route, having seen a number of fatal and serious injury collisions this year.”