Fees for street traders in Wellingborough to increase despite complaints

Wellingborough town centre
Wellingborough town centre

Street traders in Wellingborough are seeing a hike in fees which is a ‘significant increase’ from last year.

Wellingborough Council’s resources committee agreed to increase its street trading fees in February.

After street traders were informed of the new fees and how an annual fee would be calculated by Wellingborough Norse, there were a number of complaints regarding the ‘significant increase’ threatening their business and the short notice provided.

Under the new fees for 2017/18, a street trader wanting a single pitch for food and drink will have to pay £5,460 annually - this would have been £2,500 during 2016/17.

Traders wanting a double pitch for food and drink will see the fees go up from £3,000 annually to £8,185.

In a report due to be discussed by the resources committee next week, it states: “Following these complaints, the Market Working Group (MWG) re-considered the fees identified in appendix 1 at its meeting on 5 June 2017.

“The MWG agreed that the fees were correct however it was the way they are implemented that was not clear.”

The group proposed that the table showing the fees was amended to provide clarity regarding implementation of the fees, particularly in relation to the annual, quarterly, monthly and weekly fees.

Under the financial and value for money implications section of the report, it states: “This clarification will mean the income from street trading fees will be 50 per cent less than the amounts invoiced.

“However this will be in line with the assumptions made in the 2017/18 budget.

“In addition to this a number of street traders have left and the remaining street trader’s complaints have been regarding the inability for these businesses to continue to trade with this increase.”

The resources committee will be asked to note the clarification provided on street trading fees in appendix 2 and to implement this retrospectively from April 1 this year.

The meeting takes place at 7pm on Wednesday, June 28, at the council offices at Swanspool House in Wellingborough.

To read the report and see the full breakdown of street trader fees, click here