Fears over proposals for phone mast on edge of East Northants village

A resident of an East Northamptonshire village has blasted proposals to build a telecommunications transmitter mast just 27 metres from a house.

Tuesday, 12th April 2016, 5:30 am
The yellow line in this aerial shot indicates the 1,500ft 'danger zone'

Ringstead Parish Council has discussed backing a bid to house a base station on the village’s sports field.

The council would benefit to the tune of £30,000 – but resident Mike Jones says the authority has simply seen an opportunity to make money.

He said: “The presently proposed mast is 15 metres tall and as it is a base station, would radiate its powerful signals in all directions.

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“As we all know there is a huge controversy, set to rage well in the future, about the safety aspects of being in close proximity to these structures but worldwide expert opinion is gaining momentum in urging caution and minimum distances that are believed should be observed from such structures.

“The risks to children are the greatest, a belief which is echoed on the website of Cancer Research UK.

“From having no knowledge of the situation until this time last week, the drums are beating hard and a certain momentum is developing.

“It is my personal opinion, a view I know is shared by others, that the parish council are being less than sincere and are behaving in a rather cynical manner.

“It would seem that they have been blinded by the sound of their bank account filling and that the residents of the village are a mere inconvenience.”

Mr James says that anything within 1,500ft of the mast is classed as a ‘danger zone’ – but an aerial survey shows that almost half of the village would fall under that bracket.

He added: “Not only is the proposal for Ringstead situated on the village recreation ground, used for the village school sports day events, but the closest occupied residence is a mere 27 metres from the mast.

“The eastern end of the village is heavily populated and is situated in close proximity to the transmitting site.

“Some overseas countries are now beginning to legislate a one mile minimum distance.

“The village school is 1,975 feet from the transmitter site.

“The parish council seems unwilling to engage with the community, believing this to be the task of the service provider rather than themselves.”

East Northants Council confirmed it had not yet received any applications for a transmitter base in Ringstead.

Ringstead Parish Council has been contacted for a response.