Fears after cat is poisoned by anti-freeze in Corby

Tippy from Corby died after being poisoned by anti-freeze
Tippy from Corby died after being poisoned by anti-freeze

A cat owner is urging others to keep an eye on their pets after her cat was poisoned by anti-freeze.

Claire Going’s cat Tippy came home to Ribblesdale Avenue in Corby on Friday and she immediately knew the family pet wasn’t right so rushed her to the vets.

She said: “I shot her down to the vet and after considering a few things they discovered that she had been poisoned by anti-freeze.

“They can tell by crystals in the urine.

“They said they were ever so sorry, but there was nothing that could be done.

“Within half an hour she was struggling to breathe so we had to put her out of her misery, which was devastating.

“She was only five and was part of the family.

“We were so angry because at this time of year, you think that people won’t be using anti-freeze and left it out accidentally.”

In a bid to warn other pet owners, Mrs Going has made leaflets and distributed them in the surrounding area.

The leaflet includes symptoms to look out for, including vomiting, the animal seeming out of sorts, sleepy, drunk or uncoordinated and difficulty breathing.

Since the leaflets went out, Mrs Going has heard from several other owners and said: “Next door but one came to say that their cat had died of the same thing 18 months ago and he was convinced that it was somebody doing it maliciously.

“A lady that lives round the corner rang me to say that her cat died back in October.

“They didn’t take their cat to the vet but they rang the RSPCA and they said it sounded like anti-freeze poisoning.

“And when she was making enquiries, she found out that there were one or two others too.

“We are worried whether there is someone locally doing it.

“To have that many doesn’t seem like it’s just an accident.

“We have informed the police.”

Mrs Going said Tippy’s death had affected the whole family, especially their children, and she didn’t want others to go through the same.

She said: “It was a junior vet that dealt with us and then she went off to speak to the more senior vet for a second opinion.

“That’s when they did the urine test and he said he had seen it a number of times and he had never seen a cat recover from it.

“People need to know not to leave anti-freeze lying around open.

“It’s hard to watch your kids go through grief and all of that when it’s clearly unnecessary.

“It’s one thing for a cat to die when it’s old and ill, but for it to have its life cut short like that, we had just 20 minutes to say goodbye to her.”

A spokesman for Northants Police said: “We have had a report that a cat was killed, supposedly by anti-freeze.

“We have been out to the area and had a look around the surrounding area to see if we could see anything suspicious.

“We would ask anyone who has any information to contact us.”

The spokesman added that they couldn’t confirm if other cats had been poisoned in the area, but anyone with information can call the police on 101.