Faryl blocked by Posh bodyguards

Faryl Smith has arrived in Los Angeles for a tour which she hopes will make her a star in America.

But the 13-year-old Kettering singer immediately found herself confronted by bodyguards blocking her way to a reserved area of her hotel pool used by Victoria Beckham.

Fame and fortune has not gone to Faryl's head. She has told how she has not changed since rocketing to the top of the Classical CD charts with her debut album.

Just two months ago she was launching her album, Faryl, at the Newlands Centre in Kettering.

Now she is at The Grove, described as the "ultimate entertainment destination" as part of her whirlwind promotional tour of the States with her mum, dad and brother.

Speaking to a national newspaper in the States, the Southfield School for Girls pupil said: "I'm not on an allowance. If I want something I have to ask mum and dad."

One evening she was given the choice of any place in LA to eat and chose the nearest McDonald's.

She said: "I love McDonald's. I had a super-sized quarter-pounder and

managed to eat it all, even though the drink was so big I felt sick.

"I don't like fancy food. I'm a hamburger-and-fries girl."

On arrival at her five-star hotel, Faryl went straight to the pool hoping that a dip would wake her up after a 12-hour flight.

But bodyguards blocked the pool's entrance, checking guest identification cards and making sure all mobile phones and cameras were turned off.

An area of the pool was reserved for a VIP, none other than Victoria Beckham, formerly Posh Spice.

Faryl said: "I thought that was really uncool, to spoil everyone's pleasure just because she wanted to sit by the pool alone. How rude. I'll never get like that."

Her father Tony, 50, is reported in the paper to have quit his job as a health and safety supervisor for a building company to chaperone his daughter.

Mum Linda told the paper: "I still have huge reservations about where this will all lead. I am constantly worried about losing control over my daughter.

"She knows I hate all the attention her fame brings to our family. But she also knows I love her and want her to be happy."

Faryl came fourth in last year's Britain's Got Talent contest and signed a 2.3m record deal with Universal Music, a record-breaking sum for a schoolgirl.

Her first album is outselling U2's latest release and she is about to become the youngest performer to sing at the Classical Brit Awards, being held this year at the Royal Albert Hall on May 14.

She has also recently appeared as a cover girl on the front of Classic FM magazine's April edition.