Fans welcome the supporters’ trust

EXPECTATIONS are high after Steelmen fans voted unanimously to set up a supporters’ trust.

Corby Town Football Club fans of all ages have welcomed the creation of a supporters’ trust at Corby Cube on Monday evening.

John Girvan, 26, of Thames Walk, Corby, one of 66 fans to join the trust on the night, said: “We will start small but progress to bigger things.

“It takes time, but once it has been established it will build bigger and better things for Corby Town.”

Eddie Smith, 66, of Corby, who also signed up, said: “I’m very pleased. It’s not before time. It sounds promising.”

The trust’s aim is to get a member on the club’s board to have a say in decision-making and feed information about the club back to fans. It plans to buy shares in the club.

Speaking at the meeting, organiser Robbie Dunion, 23, of Chesil Walk, Corby, said the trust would be democratic with each member having one vote, no matter how much they attended games or volunteered.

But a hardcore group of fans who give up their free time to sell raffle tickets and programmes, clear snow and paint the ground hope it may encourage more people to volunteer for the club.

Dale Campbell, 38, of Willowbrook Road, Corby, who runs the club shop, said: “If it gets us more help at the club it will be fantastic.”

Dnesholme county councillor Chris Stanbra, who was at the meeting, said: “I’m really glad the community are getting behind the club.

“I’m sure great things are going to happen.”

To join, or for more information, visit or call Mr Dunion on 07510 701570.