Fans appeal for a new start in 2012

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POPPIES fans are hoping 2012 brings a new start for the beleaguered club and that its future is finally settled.

Kettering Town kicked off the new year with a return clash against Luton Town at Nene Park yesterday after suffering a 5-0 defeat on Boxing Day. A transfer embargo is still in place, which has prevented the manager from registering or signing players to boost his squad, and the club’s future is hanging in the balance as the financial problems continue to mount.

Despite interest from other parties to take the club over from chairman Imraan Ladak, Poppies fans are feeling frustrated over its uncertain future. Despite the crisis, they are heeding manager Mark Stimson’s call to stand by the Blue Square Bet Premier side. Amid tight security at Nene Park, Poppies fans spoke of their loyalty and hopes for 2012.

Ian Hames, of Dryden Street, Kettering, a lifelong supporter, said: “I want to see the club’s financial problems settled, so that we can really look forward to the new season.”

David Singh, of Ise Lodge, Kettering, said: “We need someone new to come in and take the club over – someone who cares about the Poppies.”

Peter Wilson, of Malvern, who grew up in Kettering, travelled to Nene Park for the match. He added: “We need the embargo lifted, or I fear Poppies will be going down.”

Michael Curtis, 30, of Higham Ferrers, said fans are fed up being in the dark.

He said: “We just don’t know what’s going on. We need to find a new owner.”

Mark Pearson, of Jackson Way, Kettering, has been a Poppies fan for 20 years.

He said: “It’s a complete debacle. Nobody knows what’s happening. I want the future settled, Poppies moved back to Kettering and it to be a community club that my son can enjoy in years to come.”

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