Family's heartbreaking tale inspires fundraising for new incubator at KGH

A Wellingborough family is raising money for a new incubator at KGH after their son died aged just 26 days old.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 26th January 2018, 5:00 am
Baby Aahran. NNL-180125-143636005
Baby Aahran. NNL-180125-143636005

Malini and Rahul Patel’s son Aahran Raja Patel died on December 21, 2017, from multiple abnormalities.

After 38 ‘normal’ weeks before he was born, he spent much of his life in an incubator in the hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

Aahran’s parents said: “What was wrong with Aahran? The truth is, we don’t know.

“After several tests and scans, we learnt about multiple abnormalities that Aahran was faced with.

“His brain hadn’t developed like it was expected to from very early in pregnancy and we were told he had also suffered a stroke like event that caused injury to the brain before birth.

“As a result, Aahran suffered seizures which got worse and more noticeable as time went on.

“His breathing was also shallow and would require support to help him breath easier.

“A geneticist examined him in his first few days, highlighting dysmorphic features however unable to identify a condition there and then, further tests had to be carried out.

“Aahran’s movements were very mellow - it wasn’t like you would normally see from a newborn.

“He moved his hands and feet, but with very little strength. There wasn’t even a newborn cry.

“As parents, we craved to hold our baby. Feed him, bath him, all the things you are meant to do with your newborn baby.

“Instead, we spent much of his time here watching him through an incubator.

“It was his home, his bubble. With everything that was going on with him, we knew he was safe in there.”

The family say that their memories of Aahran were made possible by one group - staff at KGH.

The hospital is fundraising for a brand new Giraffe incubator, which would cost £35,000.

Now the family are raising money to help go towards a new one and have urged others to donate.

Aahran’s parents added: “In Aahran’s memory, we would like to raise as much as we can for NICU at Kettering General.

“All funds raised will go towards purchasing a brand new Giraffe incubator at a cost of £35,000.

“An incubator is home for so many poorly newborns and premature babies in their early lives.

“They are there to create a safe environment whilst they receive treatment and grow.

“Another incubator would allow the team in NICU to treat one more baby at a time, especially when things get busy which can happen at any given minute.”

The family’s fundraising page has already attracted donations of almost £3,000.

To donate, click here.