Family of brain op girl’s plea to prison governor

THE family of a three-year-old with brain cancer are calling for her father to be given leave from prison to be at her bedside as she undergoes eight-hour surgery to remove a tumour.

The family of Cerys Edwards, of Kettering, have urged Wellingborough Prison to give dad Jamie, who has 21 days of his 10-month sentence for actual bodily harm left, compassionate leave to be at John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford on Monday.

Mum Adele, 35, of Sackville Street, said: “It’s the only thing Cerys wants and I can’t give it to her. She’s screaming out for her daddy.

“Where’s the compassion? He’s only got 21 days until he is released.”

The governor has said he can visit the hospital on Tuesday, but the family fear Cerys may not make it through the operation to remove 95 per cent of the ‘massive’ tumour at the back of her head.

Speaking from Cerys’ bedside in Oxford, where she has stayed since Cerys was rushed for emergency surgery at 4am last Sunday, Mrs Edwards said: “I’m a mum and I can give her so much strength, but with both parents being there it’s going to reassure her. It’s all about building her up and giving her strength.”

Mrs Edwards took Cerys, who goes to St Andrew’s Nursery in Kettering, to the doctor after she complained of a bad headache on Thursday, January 5, but she was sent home with penicillin to treat suspected tonsillitis.

But after Cerys’s headache got worse and she began vomiting, Mrs Edwards took her to accident and emergency at Kettering General Hospital.

A doctor noticed her walking strangely and ordered a brain scan. She was in John Radcliffe in hours having surgery to remove the pressure on her brain.

A Prison Service spokesman said: “Prisoners who are not eligible for release on temporary licence to visit sick relatives can, in exceptional circumstances, be escorted by staff. This is subject to a rigorous risk assessment to ensure public protection is not compromised.”