Family of Kettering baby abusers say couple must never be allowed near a child again

The family of Katherine Prigmore say her and her partner must never be allowed near a child again after they were jailed for abusing their five-week-old daughter.

Friday, 9th December 2016, 1:03 pm
Updated Wednesday, 14th December 2016, 1:48 pm

Prigmore, 24, and Rocky Uzzell, 29, were jailed on Wednesday for leaving their daughter Isabelle blind and unlikely to live beyond her late teens.

Uzzell was given six years behind bars for causing the injuries, while Prigmore was sentenced to 28 months for filming the sick abuse and laughing.

Now the family of Prigmore say the couple must never been allowed near a child again.

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A family statement said: “This has been incredibly tough on all involved with this case.

“We would like to say we are satisfied that the two individuals having now finally been sentenced for their unspeakable crimes against their innocent new-born baby.

“The injuries and torture they put their baby through are completely unacceptable and will never be forgotten or forgiven.

“We wish to thank all those concerned in helping get justice for baby Isabelle and more importantly getting her out of the hands of danger.

“We hope that lessons will be learned from these sickening acts and for people to realise that no matter what excuses you give for your behaviour you can and will be held accountable.

“We also wish to thank all those involved in finding Isabelle a suitable foster family, to give her all the love and care she needs for the rest of her unfortunately short life.

“We as a family could never show how thankful we are knowing that baby Isabelle is safe and protected.

“Throughout this case, Isabelle has always been our number one priority and Katherine and Rocky have proven that they must NEVER be allowed to go near a child or vulnerable person again due to their inability to recognise anything wrong with their barbaric treatment and inability to feel guilt towards their own child.”