Family days out: Wicky’s Play Factory

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Where better to head to with the kids when it’s cold outside, than to an indoor play area?

And your little ones are sure to have a wicked time at Wicky’s Play Factory.

Located inside Wicksteed Park, Kettering, there’s plenty of fun on offer for children up to the age of eight.

On the day of our visit, it was a very cold day so when my daughter Ruby, four, and I entered the building, we were greeted by the lovely warmth!

Often when visiting play areas in the colder months, I find that they tend to be a lot cooler so I was pleased to find I wouldn’t need to be keeping on my coat during our visit!

Before entering the play area we had to sign in, which everyone needs to do after paying admission.

There’s a varying price structure in place which depends on the age of the children visiting and when you visit (which ranges from 50p to £4.50). Adults are always £1 each.

The play area itself is pretty spacious and caters for children of different ages.

There’s more of a soft play area with large padded building bricks, play village and ball bit which is aimed at the younger ones, while the larger climbing area is more suitable for those that are able to climb by themselves.

After taking our shoes off (socks must be worn during play), we headed for adventure on the large climbing frame.

Ruby was eager to take me around the ‘sights’ which included crossing over the see-through floor and through tunnels before we ended up at the top of two different slides.

One slide is like a mini-drop slide which Ruby initially wanted me to go down – but with her on my lap.

However, I had my sensible head on and decided it probably wasn’t the best idea: mainly because I had leggings on.

And as many mums who regularly go on slides in indoor play areas know, slides are much faster when you’re wearing leggings!

Instead we opted for the ‘bumpy’ dual slide.

Ruby went down first and I followed shortly after. Thanks to my trusty leggings, I went down a lot faster than Ruby which meant that I almost flew off the bottom!

So, after our slide I decided (probably quite wisely) to sit down at a table and watch Ruby have some fun instead.

There’s plenty of tables and chairs to sit and relax while the kids play; from small tables to seat three to larger tables with benches that can seat about eight.

So there shouldn’t be any worries about finding a somewhere to sit.

There’s also a cafe on site too which serves a selection of children’s and adult meals, as well as snacks, cakes and hot and cold drinks.

What I really liked about the play area was that it was big enough for Ruby to have lots of fun but small enough for me to be able to keep an eye on her without worrying that she’d got lost.

Ruby’s favourite things to play on were the bumpy slide, ball pit and monkey rings (though she did need help with getting hold of the rings!)

After much playing, we sat down for some lunch. The staff serving were very friendly and were able to accommodate for Ruby’s fussy eating, which was a relief.

Ruby isn’t into the normal chicken nuggets, sausages or fish finger meals that are often on offer in play areas, so it was good to know I wasn’t going to struggle with lunch during our visit.

Ruby had also picked out a lovely pink cupcake as her treat for finishing her lunch, which only cost 50p – bargain!

After lunch (and a toilet visit: the toilets are very clean and child friendly) it was back to playing for Ruby.

Then after almost two hours of visiting, it was time to go home.

It took a bit of persuasion, but we finally waved goodbye to the play area, ready to head home.

It’s a lovely little play area in a perfect location and I’d certainly bring Ruby back on another cold, windy day.

Opening times

The Play Factory is open 9.30am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday (term time) and at weekends and school holidays from 10.30am to 5.30pm.

Entry prices

Infants (under 12 months)

Weekends and school holidays: £1.00

Term-time (after 3pm): 50p

Term-time (9am-3pm): 50p

Toddler (12 months to three years)

Weekends and school holidays: £4.50

Term-time (after 3pm): £4.00

Term-time (9am-3pm): £2.50

Child (four years and over)

Weekends and school holidays: £5.50

Term-time (after 3pm): £4.50

Term-time (9am-3pm): £4.50


£1 each at all times.


There’s plenty of parking available.

Parking prices vary depending on when you visit so it’s best checking out their website.

Did you know?

The site of Wicky’s Play Factory is actually where the old indoor arcade used to be (near the bumper cars).

They’ve made perfect use of the space and all money made from the Play Factory goes straight back into the park.