Family days out: Gretton parks

Take advantage of the numerous free parks and get exploring outside with the kids.

Gretton Safari Park and Kirby Road Play Area are fantastic play areas for young and old children alike.

Looking for somewhere different to go with my two-year old, Ruby, I’d been recommended Gretton Park by my sister who said it had lots to keep kids entertained. So off we went!

The park itself was really easy to find with the instructions given, although when I saw the sign for the recreation ground I was a little hesitant as it was a long narrow road just off a residential road.

However, I could see lots of grass at the end so knew it must be the right way. And it was!

There are plenty of spaces to park here and it’s only a short walk to the play area.

There are actually two play areas here, which are side by side – Gretton Safari Park and Kirby Road Play Area.

As you can guess from the name, the Safari Park was themed and had a lion climb-through tunnel, elephant slide, ride-on camel, safari jeep – plus a train, mini climbing frame and mini shelter.

This area is also decorated with lots of wooden trees too to add to the safari feel!

And if your little ‘uns want to be explorers and pretend to drive around the ‘jungle’, they can do that too.

There’s a mini-road around the park, complete with wooden traffic lights, zebra crossing and petrol station.

Ruby loved playing on everything here, with her favourite being the elephant slide.

It was small enough for her to climb herself and she looked proud by that fact too.

She also enjoyed playing on the safari jeep, filling up with petrol and pretending we were going on holiday!

There are two toddler swings in this play area too and Ruby loved being pushed high on these!

Right next to the Safari Park is Kirby Road Play Area which is geared more towards over fives.

The first thing that caught my eye was a zip wire so off we went to have a go.

Ruby sat on my lap and was squealing with delight as we whizzed down the slope. Great fun.

Although the equipment in this area is aimed at older children, Ruby still had fun here as I helped her up the ‘dinosaur’ climbing frame so that she could go down the slide.

I knew she liked it as she had five goes in a row!

Also in this area are two swings, balance beams, play tunnel and, to the right, you’ll find an area of purpose-built hills and slopes – ideal for kids with scooters or bikes.

There’s so much to keep kids entertained here and I was actually surprised at how much equipment there is in such a small space.

And the quality of the playing equipment is fantastic too. Well worth a visit, especially if you are local to the area.

You’ll find the parks in Gretton. Turn down Kirby Road and take your next right following signs for the Recreation Ground.

Here you’ll find plenty of car parking spaces – and parking is free.

There is also a fenced off football/basketball court here so if you’re bringing older children as well, make sure you bring a ball with you!