Families invited to take part in Real Nappy week

Real Nappy Week 2014 logo
Real Nappy Week 2014 logo

Families in Northamptonshire with babies are being invited to help save both money and the environment by taking part in Real Nappy Week, which begins on Monday (April 28).

The Northamptonshire Waste Partnership (NWP) has a number of Real Nappy Loan Kits which can be sent to families in the county and contain several different brands of real nappies for parents to test out on their babies.

A spokesman for the NWP said: “Families can spend around £15-a-week on disposable nappies, nappy sacks and baby wipes during the first two and-a-half years of infancy.

“Throwing thousands of pounds away a year on disposable nappies is expensive and excessive.

“The long-term savings of switching to reusable nappies are obvious, so we want more families in Northamptonshire to give reusable nappies a go.”

Real Nappies are cotton, absorbent, washable nappies.

They are easy to use like disposable nappies, but they are reusable and are ready for another use after a 40 degree wash.

The NWP spokesman added: “Real nappies cost between £50 and £250, which may seem expensive.

“But by washing and reusing real nappies, the average family could save thousands of pounds if used for subsequent children, between birth and potty training.”

“There is also a nappy cash back scheme that can help with the cost of buying washable nappies. If you spend at least £60 on real nappies they will refund you £25.”

Cllr Chris Millar, Chair of the Northamptonshire Waste Partnership said: “Real Nappy Week is a great opportunity to remind Northamptonshire residents of the help the NWP can provide when deciding whether real nappies are the right choice for your baby.

“You can “try before you buy” by borrowing one of our very popular and free Nappy Loan Kits and then get £25 cash back if you do decide to Keep it Real!”

Real Nappy Week runs from April 28 until May 4.

For more details about the loan kits and cash-back offer visit www.recyclefornorthamptonshire.co.uk.