Fall in number of over 65s getting flu jab

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People aged over 65 are being encouraged to get the flu jab after the latest figures from the Department of Health have shown the number of people having the jab in the county has declined compared to last year.

A total of 55,559 over 65s have been vaccinated in September and October this year compared to 64,906 in the same period in 2011.

Dr Olufunke Adedeji, consultant in public health for NHS Northamptonshire, said: “We want to remind people that even if you had the flu jab last year, you need it again this winter to ensure you are protected.

“The flu virus is constantly changing and last year’s vaccine won’t necessarily protect you from this year’s virus.”

Chief officer of Age UK Northamptonshire, Liam Condron, said: “We would encourage everyone over 65 to get the flu jab.

“Flu is not a mild disease and it can cause a stay in hospital and can even be fatal.”

Anyone over 65 who is interested in getting the jab is encouraged to contact their GP.

The latest statistics from the Department of Health have also shown a decline in the number of people with long-term conditions receiving the jab down from 24,370 last year to 19,555 this year while there has been a increase in the number of pregnant woman receiving the jab up from 887 last year to 1,408 this year.

For more information on the flu jab visit www.northamptonshire.nhs.uk/flu.