Extreme fun for all for support group

Members of FACT at Adrenaline Alley
Members of FACT at Adrenaline Alley

Youngsters with Autism and Aspergers Syndrome were able to enjoy extreme urban sports in Corby.

Skate centre Adrenaline Alley opened its doors to provide an Easter treat for support group FACT for affected families of children and young adults.

Kim Collins, from the alley, said the behind-closed-doors session on Tuesday, came about after funding through the Disability Partnership Board.

She said: “We provided a session for them when the alley is not open to the general public which means children with Autism and Aspergers can participate without the noise as some of the children can’t deal with noise and people.

“It gives them the opportunity to do urban sports and share the experience of Adrenaline Alley.”