Extension plea for 3,000 homes development

Plans to build 3,000 houses in the north of Wellingborough have been re-submitted three years after the controversial scheme was approved.

The Wellingborough North application attracted much criticism from residents when plans were first submitted in 2008.

The development site is on land off the A509 Niort Way, the A510 Northen Way and south of Great Harrowden.

The plans include 3,000 new homes, 25,000 square metres of office space, leisure facilities and sports pitches, a neighbourhood centre including new shops, cafes, bars and restaurants, office and studio space, community facilities and a health centre.

It’s claimed the development would create 1,800 jobs.

In October 2009 the Secretary of State gave provisional approval for the scheme following a nine-day public inquiry.

The appeal was held after Wellingborough Council declined to make a decision on the planning application.

The application consent was granted for three years, which runs out in February 2013.

The applicant is requesting the approval be extended as building work has not yet started.

People living in the area campaigned against the scheme.

At the time Wellingborough and Rushden MP Peter Bone, organised a public meeting for his constituents to have their say.

He said: “This is primarily an issue for the local council to determine. They need to look at all the issues.

“One of the problems with this has always been the need for the Isham bypass.

“It’s a little difficult to see how you could progress on this without the Isham bypass.

“My role is to make sure my constituents’ voices are heard, not to tell the council how to proceed, but I am still pressing the Government for the bypass.”

Harry Turrell, 18, of Wellingborough, said: “Hopefully it will mean there will be some affordable homes for younger people in Wellingborough.”

Danny Forth, 21, of Wellingborough, said: “I think it’s a good idea to build new homes. I’m looking for a house.

“Younger people need some affordable homes.”

To view the application in full go to http://planning.wellingborough.gov.uk/portal.