Explosion at factory storage room

About 15 firefighters attended a factory in Wellingborough after being told there had been an explosion at the building.

Three crews of firefighters and specialists were alerted to a fire at an outbuilding at UPOL on the Denington Industrial Estate in Wellingborough by a delivery driver who said he had heard an explosion.

The company makes products for the automotive industry.

Fire service group manager Rob Porter said: “Our first crew was quickly on the scene and identified that the fire was in a storage room containing a product which is used in the production of paint.

“The chemicals disappeared very quickly in the explosion so they didn’t cause us any problems.

“We managed to put out the fire within about 30 minutes. It was contained to the storage room and did not spread to the rest of the factory.”

The incident happened at 6.45am today, Friday, June 8, and firefighters left the scene at about 8.20am.

An investigation into the cause of the fire has begun.