Executive director wanted for Wellingborough’s new crematorium

An executive director is needed for Nene Valley Crematorium in Wellingborough
An executive director is needed for Nene Valley Crematorium in Wellingborough

An executive director who will be responsible for strategic planning over the next two years is being sought for Nene Valley Crematorium.

The crematorium in Wellingborough has been well used since it opened last September and an executive director is now needed.

Although built and wholly-owned by Wellingborough Council, it is leased to Wellingborough Bereavement Services Limited which allows it to be run as a separate business rather than a council department.

Profits from the business will be used to help fund local services at a time when council income is constantly being reduced.

A council spokesman said: “The success of Nene Valley Crematorium and its popularity with local people is very welcome and continues to exceed expectations.

“When appointed, this director will provide guidance and support to the excellent team we already have in place.”

The decision to appoint a part-time executive director was made following recent changes to Wellingborough Council’s senior management structure, which saw the removal of its chief executive post.

Two councillors and two senior managers from Wellingborough Council have been acting as executive and non-executive directors of the crematorium since it opened.

These two senior managers now have additional responsibilities so this operational model can no longer be sustained.

The existing operational manager and registrar will continue in her post and work closely with the new executive director.

Further details about the role are available by going to: http://nenevalleycrematorium.co.uk/executive-director-nene-valley-crematorium/