Exclusive: Hunting Lodge to shut

The Hunting Lodge, Cottingham
The Hunting Lodge, Cottingham

A prominent hotel is to close at the end of the month with the loss of 20 jobs.

One of the owners of The Hunting Lodge Hotel told the Corby Telegraph he was “very sad” about the decision to close the hotel in Cottingham, and the resulting loss of jobs, but hoped to apply for a change of use soon.

Herbie Waser declined to say what the building could be turned into.

Some local people have already speculated it might be a care home, and Mr Waser said he hoped to create more jobs in the village in the future.

He said: “We have notified everyone who has made a booking here for after the end of the month and offered to either reimburse them or try to arrange another venue.

“We’ve worked closely with other local hotels, both to help guests and staff, and some have taken on members of my staff.

“The closure is a sign of the times, there is a price war with hotel rates and we have to pay high commissions to internet booking sites.

“There are too many hotels and not enough business.

“The growth that was expected for the area has not happened.

“I’m very sad, I’ve been in the business for 51 years and used to own the Carlton Manor Hotel in Corby.

“Everybody is struggling and we’ve kept it going for as long as possible, and I’m particularly pleased that some people have already found jobs.

“I’m working hard to help everyone else.”

Jean Hodge lives in the village and said: “It will be a real shame to see it go, it’s been there a long time.

“The Spread Eagle shut about two months ago, and the Red Lion over a year ago so now The George is the only pub in the village. They are places where people used to go to meet up with their friends.

“The Hunting Lodge does lovely meals, we used to go there for a Christmas dinner and it was really good.”