Ex-prison officer tells the tales of life inside

Paul Goss
Paul Goss

A former officer at prisons including Wellingborough has put pen to paper to tell some of the tales of life inside.

Paul Goss, who worked in the prison service for about 20 years, has now published the series of short stories in a book, Behind the Fence, which is currently on sale at WH Smith in Kettering and online at Amazon.

“I used to write to stay awake on night shift,” said the 47-year-old. “I just used to record all the funny occurrences I got involved with. I didn’t really ever have a thought I would publish them.

“I wanted to try and write an amusing book, to record the funny things that happened in prison.

“If you didn’t laugh it could upset you. But some of the bad stuff in there is really awful, so I tried to make a balance in the book.”