Everyone wants to sing on Paul’s CD

Paul Jackson at the video shoot for the Cancer Research charity Christmas single
Paul Jackson at the video shoot for the Cancer Research charity Christmas single

An amateur comedian has recorded a CD to support a cancer charity after learning one of his Facebook friends has the disease.

Paul Jackson, who works at White Arches Caravans in Rushden, has been making comedy DVDs for a few years and when he heard his friend was battling cancer he decided to “do something more positive”.

Paul said: “I decided to try to make some money for Cancer Research and rang the guys at Becks Recording Studio with my idea of recording a popular Christmas song.

“They got behind it straight away.

“It’s spread by word of mouth and through the power of social media.

“We recorded the song one Sunday evening at Becks and 40 people came.

“I decided on a whim to do a humorous DVD to go along with it and sell it for £5.”

Paul decided the DVD should have a grand finale and decided to film it in the Swansgate Centre in Wellingborough on Friday, November 22.

He said: “I didn’t know how many people would turn up and couldn’t believe how many people did.

“There must have been nearly 200 people there including the mayor and mayoress of Wellingborough.

“This is all new to me, I’m learning as I go along what I can and can’t do and I’d like to thank everyone who turned up, my friend Alex Martin, who did the camerawork, and everyone at Becks, who did this for free.”

When Mr Robinson started his venture he hoped to raise £1,000, but he’s already raised more than double that and hopes to raise another £500 from selling the CD and DVD, which includes a cameo performance by Finedon vicar the Rev Richard Coles, who used to be in the Communards.

People can donate to the project by going to www.justgiving.co.uk/PAULandtheLADS-XMAS-SPECTACULAR.

The CD, which is a singalong version of Band Aid’s Do They Know it’s Christmas? is available by emailing paulcjackson@hotmail.com or call 07583 475081.

It will also be available in Warwicks menswear shop in Wellingborough from Saturday.