European elections 2014: Other parties

Five other parties are standing in the European elections.

An Independence from Europe

The party says a vote for them would be a vote to leave the EU.

It also wants full border controls, the transferral of foreign aid to UK citizens in need and to protect front-line NHS services from cuts.

All its candidates are from Lincolnshire, where the party has a number of councillors.

British National Party

The BNP currently has two of the UK’s 73 MEPs.

It secured just under eight per cent of the vote in our region in the 2009 European election, placing it in fifth place.

It wants to stop immigration and for the UK to leave the EU.

English Democrats

The party’s strapline is: “I’m English, not British, not European,” and it calls for the immediate withdrawal from the EU.

Its lead candidate Kevin Sills is from Desborough, while it also has candidates from Corby and Wellingborough among its five nominees.

Green Party

The Greens picked up more than six per cent of votes in the north of the county at the last European election in 2009, scoring especially strongly in East Northants.

In the region as a whole, it had the sixth-highest vote tally.

The party supports holding a referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU, in which it would campaign to stay in.

Harmony Party

The party says it favours zero immigration and is anti-EU and pro-jobs.