European elections 2014: Labour

The record of this Government is simple: hardworking Britain is worse off month after month, year after year.

In real terms, living standards have fallen in all but one of the forty-eight months David Cameron has been in Downing Street.

Since the Lib Dem-backed Tory coalition came to power, working people across the UK have seen their pay fall on average by over £1,600 a year on average as prices continue to outstrip wages.

But not everyone’s feeling the pinch. David Cameron and Nick Clegg cut the top rate of income tax – paid by those earning over £150,000 a year – meaning the wealthiest people in Britain shared a £3 billion tax break. This is a record no other Government can match.

These figures only provide a glimpse of what is really happening to families caught in the cross-hairs of the cost-of-living crisis.

The link between the wealth of our nation and everyday family finances has been broken.

This is visible in Northamptonshire with rising demand for the county’s food banks, a lack of affordable homes and the unfair bedroom tax forcing vulnerable people into rent arrears.

We know this Government can’t deliver what is needed to ensure hardworking families in Northamptonshire feel the benefits of their efforts.

And we know the Liberal Democrats can’t be part of the solution because they are part of the problem.

In this election campaign, Labour will show how we will make Britain better off by dealing with the cost-of-living crisis and building an economy that works for hardworking people.

Labour has made ten commitments that show how we will make a difference by making work pay, stopping rip-off prices, and tackling the abuse of migrant labour by banning recruitment agencies that only hire foreign workers.

The priority of Labour’s MEP candidates like Glenis Willmott, Rory Palmer, Linda Woodings, Khalid Hadadi and Nicki Brooks isn’t leaving the European Union, but changing it so it works to raise living standards for hardworking families in Britain and makes a real difference to your pocket.

Elections are a moment when people have the chance to help to change their own community and our country.

We have set out concrete steps for how we can make that change happen – by voting for Labour in Northamptonshire on May 22 you can help us make hardworking Britain better off.

Read a full copy of Labour’s cost-of-living contract with you here.