Wellingborough binmen in parking plea

Inconsiderate parking is causing Wellingborough's binmen problems
Inconsiderate parking is causing Wellingborough's binmen problems

Hot-spot streets where waste collectors consistently have problems driving down to empty bins due to parking issues have been revealed.

People in Wellingborough have been urged to park sensibly if they want their wheelie bins collected in future.

Hot-spot areas across the borough have been identified as Lister Road, Avenue Road, Baker Street, Knox Road and Newcomen Road in the town, and Mile Street in Bozeat.

Over the past year waste collection teams have reported 52 incidents where they were unable to gain access to particular streets to empty bins.

The incidents were recorded on Bartec, the collection trucks’ in-cab computer system, but as not all of the collection vehicles are fitted with the system the problem is thought to be even more widespread.

A spokesman for Wellingborough Council said: “There have also been times when, depending on the number of bins affected, crews have simply pulled the bins out and over to the trucks to get them emptied, which wouldn’t have been reported at all.

Council leader Paul Bell made a plea for drivers to be more considerate when parking after witnessing the problem first-hand where he lives, in Rock Street.

He said: “There are some very inconsiderate people that park on the roads.

“Recently one idiot had parked on the bend so they couldn’t get the lorry down the street.”

A spokesman for Wellingborough Norse, which operates waste collection services for the council, said: “Our collections teams have had to knock on doors and politely ask residents to move vehicles. In the past we have written to residents in particular streets to make them aware of access issues, and on some occasions we have had to report vehicles causing an obstruction to the police.

“If we’re unable to access streets we do try and return at a later date, but this obviously causes inconvenience to residents and also has a financial impact.

“We appreciate that parking is an issue for residents, particularly in narrow terraced streets, but we would ask that vehicles are parked considerately to allow enough space for the freighters to pass through so we can provide a regular service to everyone.

“It’s also very important that people are aware that if one of our vehicles is unable to get down a road, it’s also unlikely that the emergency services would be able to get through.”