We reveal grot spot hot spot locations

Grot Spot: nr Rothwell and Kettering: Violet Lane, flytipped rubbish dumped in gateway to field.'Monday 22nd April 2013
Grot Spot: nr Rothwell and Kettering: Violet Lane, flytipped rubbish dumped in gateway to field.'Monday 22nd April 2013

Tax payers in Northamptonshire have to fork out more than £650,000 a year to clean-up the 1,000 incidents of flytipping reported across the county every month.

Telegraph readers have helped to identify a number of flytipping hot spots across the north of the county this week.

In Corby, countless plastic bottles and cans were strewn along Oakley Road, between Morrisons and the Oakley Vale roundabouts, and bags of rubbish were spotted next to recycling bins at Asda in Corby.

Rubbish had also been dumped in a gateway to a field off Violet Lane, near Rothwell and Kettering, and there was a large amount of litter in St Andrew’s Street, Kettering.

Known flytipping hot spots in Wellingborough are rural spots, such as The Slips between Finedon and Great Harrowden, and housing estates in the town. Usually one of Wellingborough’s beauty spots, litter was also found at The Embankment.

Margaret Hughes, 74, of Hardwick Road, Wellingborough, said: “It’s dreadful at The Embankment. We have been going down there for years and it’s the worst it’s ever been.”

Mattresses had been dumped in Havelock Street, Kettering, and in Senwick Drive, Wellingborough, this week. Senwick Drive resident David Shephard said those responsible were selfish and irresponsible, adding: “I’d like to see a collection truck sent around once or twice a month.”

A spokesman for Wellingborough Norse, which carries out the council’s waste collection service, said: “Flytipping is committed by only a small amount of people, and yet it ruins the environment for everyone. Where the rubbish is dumped on public land we are very prompt in getting rid of it once it’s reported, but there’s not much we can do when it’s on private land, apart from the one-off clean ups we organise. The only real answer to the problem of flytipping is for people to stop chucking their rubbish out on the streets.”

A Corby Council spokesman said: “Corby Council’s Environmental Services Team and neighbourhood wardens work proactively on the issue of flytipping to ensure that any cases are brought to the council’s attention to be cleared as quickly as possible. We would always ask residents not to touch any flytipping but to report it to the council so that we can get it cleaned up as quickly as possible and carry out any investigations necessary.”