Third recycling bin on way for Kettering

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People living in Kettering will soon be getting a third wheeled bin.

Kettering Council is replacing the blue recycling box with a blue wheeled bin which can be used to recycle all plastics, except plastic bags; Tetra packaging, which is used for items such as fruit juice and soup, and cardboard, which will no longer be put in the grey wheeled bin with the garden waste.

The bigger blue bin will also be used for the items which used to go in the blue box including glass, small metal items and aerosols.

The red box will remain for paper and the grey bin will be used for garden waste only.

The council says the change will mean it can recycle more household waste and save money because the change means the waste collection runs can be restructured, meaning the refuse vehicles will have to make fewer runs, saving money on fuel and maintenance.

It also says the scheme will make recycling easier as there will be less sorting of waste as the majority of what people throw away will go in the same bin – the blue one.

Cllr Mark Dearing, the council’s portfolio holder for the environment, said: “The improvements that are being made to the recycling scheme will provide our customers with the scope to recycle more of their household waste which is excellent news for the environment.

It will also allow the council to provide a more efficient service which is something that it is always looking for opportunities to do.

“The changes to the scheme will be rolled out across the borough in June, July and August this year.

“The borough of Kettering has a good recycling scheme which is about to get even better.

“I would like to thank all the residents who participate in the scheme who make it the success it is.

“The council will be putting information about the new scheme through the doors of every home in the borough before it is implemented and information is also available on the council’s website at”

Tara McManus, who lives in St Peter’s Avenue, Kettering, welcomed the introduction of the new bin.

She said: “I’m really pleased to get a third, bigger bin. We always have too much plastic and glass to go in those little boxes.”

The scheme will be phased in between June and August, and each household will get a flyer explaining the scheme.

The week before a bin tag will be put on the grey bin reminding people of the change.

A council spokesman admitted there might be areas where having another wheeled bin could cause problems and they would make adjustments where necessary.