Residents kick up a stink over Rothwell smell

Fernbrook Bio near Rothwell
Fernbrook Bio near Rothwell

A bio digester near Rothwell smells so bad it is a risk to the health of people living in the town, according to residents.

Fernbrook Bio’s anaerobic digester, which opened in 2010, processes 30,000 tonnes of organic waste a year.

But residents say it gives off a smell which the council promised would not be noticeable.

About 20 residents attended the Rothwell Town Council meeting last week to express their concerns. County councillor Alan Pote said the plant should close if the smells were not stopped.

He said: “I am pleased that there’s an action group being formed.

“We hope that the smell is reduced at the first opportunity.”

Residents have been urged to call the Environment Agency on 0800 807060 to report each time they smell the generator and to say how bad the smell is.

Residents Tracy Coombs-Farnsworth and Michael Jones, who have also set up a Facebook group to co-ordinate their protest, said: “Every call is logged and this will help to gauge where the smell is and how strong it is.

“Maybe we can get something done about this and improve our quality of life, because at the moment no-one seems to be listening to us.”

Shaun Cherry, managing director at Fernbrook Bio, said the plant was working closely with the Environment Agency and Environmental Health.

He said: “They are pressurising me on a daily basis.”

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