Plans in pipeline for new homes

A COMPANY has been given permission to build nearly 60 new homes and a three-storey office block.

RPC Containers put forward plans to build the offices and 53 homes on its site in Grove Road. The area contains offices and a warehouse belonging to RPC but since it moved to a site in Rushden the buildings have been empty.

The plans were approved by East Northamptonshire Council’s planning committee. Cllr Dudley Hughes said he was in favour of the plan but felt Raunds Town Council had not been consulted properly about how much money the district council should seek from the developers for community facilities. In papers which were presented to the committee at the meeting, the town council asked for the developers to contribute about £16,500 towards improving Saxon Hall and the Brook Street access.

The developers said their financial appraisal was over-stretched because of higher than anticipated demolition costs and they could only contribute money to Saxon Hall if they reduced other contributions.

The committee approved the plans on the condition its chairman and Raunds councillors could work out the details of the funding.